Asakusa Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival|Summer Event No.1!

Hello everyone, nice to meet you.(*^-^*)
I am Tokachi who is responsible for the blog of this site.

Our site have been created for a long time,I should have written something, but there were so many things that I wanted to put down. Too many choices makes no choice. Really sorry.
However, now I finally have decided a very, very interesting one.ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

That is —-

Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival!!

All of our group members got together, we had a tasty BBQ in the day and enjoyed the gorgeous fireworks at night in our apartment in Asakusa.

We had our BBQ in Kawasaki-shi Tamagawaryokuchi BBQ Area

That day was sunny, best weather for BBQ~╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭
Not only our group members but also their friends joined the event.
I kind of had a feeling that our group would be stronger and stronger~( *︾▽︾)

Then we went to our apartment in Asakusa, waiting for the fireworks with excitement.

There were no buildings or other things could block our line of sight, the fireworks just went off on our head in a cascade of color. We all had enjoyed a wonderful moment.
And the most wonderful thing I felt was that we did not have to bear the crowds outside. Thanks to the perfect position of our apartment, we could appreciate the fantastic fireworks with relaxation.(*^__^*)

Girls were wearing the Yukata(traditional Japanese clothes)we prepared before. All of us were so happy seeing the smiles of girls.

It is the first year of our Airbnb, so our group members take the use of this apartment in Asakusa to enjoy the fireworks. It is really beautiful!! We hope that from next year, more and more our guests friends can enjoy it too.
✧(≖ ◡ ≖✿)

The guests who checked in on the next day was a very nice family. They highly praised our apartment in Asakusa. These two days, I was soooo excited and felt sooo happy.
Our rooms are like our little babies, we feel very happy when people like them and praise them.

This is the room we use at this time!!


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